Shameless Advertising Campaigns

While it is not abnormal for companies to spend a lot of money on advertising ploys to attract potential customers, Microsoft`s latest campaign was simply known as Scroogled... Really Microsoft???

Microsoft is quick to accuse Google of spying on users and not respecting user privacy. Lets be honest, if you really think that Microsoft/Bing is not collecting user analytics, you are badly mistaken. I happen to feel that Google is VERY transparent on what sort of data they collect and even give you the ability to delete yourself, unlike Microsoft.

Visit the Google Dashboard if you do not believe me.

by Design

Everyone knows it - if you run Windows, you are eventually going to get hit with a few viruses in your lifetime. Why is this? Microsoft`s primary focus over the years has not been on security or customer privacy rather introducing new features. Many Windows 8 users would also argue that they seem to suck at that as well.

Microsoft is also fast to point out the fact that there are a small number of viruses for Android. What they fail to point out is that the infection rate among typical users is abysmally low as long as users are not downloading pirated applications. Can you say that about Windows? As I recall, a mild summer breeze can infect a Windows computer.

A History of Failed Products

While Microsoft was quick to poke fun at the decommissioning of Google Reader, they alluded to the lengthy list of Microsoft discontinued products. Let me name a few
  • BOB
  • The Microsoft Kin
  • The Microsoft Zune
  • MSN Search
  • Windows Phone 6.8
  • Oh and how could I forget The Windows Start Menu
All of which were discontinued shortly after launch and to make it worse, the 24 people who actually purchased the KIN were forced to buy a new phone 6 months after the launch as Microsoft shut down the management servers.